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Hi, I’m Sarah and welcome to my Best Flat Iron page and Flat Iron Reviews blog. I often get complimented on my straight and soft hair, but those who know me know that I was not born with it. My natural hair is curly and unruly, and living in a highly humid area gives it extra frizz, making me look like a lion who’s had a bird’s nest fell on it’s head. Here I am going to reveal my secret – a flat iron!

A flat iron or a hair straightener is a must-have styling tool for me if I want to get out of the house. Not only does it give me confidence and praises, I swear the same people even treat me differently when my hair is neat! For those who would like to have sleek, shiny and silky straight hair for a change, this is where you will find the right flat iron for your hair.

flat iron reviews - best flat iron

How to Choose the Best Flat Iron

Whether it’s to impress the cute guy you just met or to prep for a reunion or wedding type event, a girl simply wants to look her best. However, your natural hair has a tendency to curl up and stop you from shaping it into the sweet new hairstyle that is all the rage right now. This is when a flat iron or hair straightener comes to the rescue.

Here are your considerations when buying a flat iron:

  • Hair type & temperature
  • Size
  • Material
  • Weight
  • Brand

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flat iron reviews

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Choosing the Best Flat Iron Hair Straigtener

Flat iron typically uses heat and pressure on ceramic or metal plates to “iron” out the kinks and curls in your hair for a short period of time. Sounds simple, but picking the right flat iron is more than just picking the flashy one that first catches your eye at the store. Among the many random names and technical specifications, you want to make sure you pick one that suits your hair type to create the best look without damaging your hair.

Hair Type & Temperature
The primary concern with picking the right flat iron is to pick one suitable for your hair type. Thick hair requires higher temperature to straighten. On the other hand, if you have fine hair you have to be extra careful not to overheat and damage your hair. Girls with fine hair can go for flat irons that offer temperature control. Digital flat irons are especially useful for letting you choose the exact temperature you want.

Flat irons come in various plate width. Thin flat irons usually have plates about one inch wide, and is more suited for short hair. They also have flexible utility, which includes styling bangs and spikes and can even be used like a curling iron. The plates for wide flat irons can go up to 2 inch wide. This size is a better choice for long hair as it irons faster and more evenly compared to its thinner counterpart.

There are a variety of materials out of which flat iron hair straighteners can be made.

  • Ceramic
    Ceramic is by far the most popular material, as they work well with most hair types and comes at an affordable price. Solid ceramic plates are durable and will not form heat spots that will burn your hair, while ceramic coated metal plates will eventually chip. The price difference between these two can be large though.
  • Metal
    There are several types of metal plates. One of the cheaper options is aluminum, but it’s not recommended as it damages hair. Some professionals recommend titanium to be the only metal flat iron worth buying, as it works as well as ceramic and comes with a bigger variety of heat settings and features that work better on thicker hair.
  • Tourmaline
    Finally at the top of the line, there are tourmaline flat irons. Tourmaline is one of the newest material to be infused in ceramic flat iron plates, and they are more expensive than those without it. Due to its unique properties, tourmaline crystal is able to apply more heat and produce perfectly straight, smooth and shiny hair on the first try. Tourmaline is also naturally ionized, so as a tourmaline flat iron passes over the hair, it seals moisture into the hair to prevent damage.

Don’t break your arm straightening hair. A lightweight hair straightener is your best friend, especially if your hair is thick, long or both. Remember, you’ll be working on your hair bit by bit.

Professional flat irons win hands down over drugstore brands, of course, unless you don’t plan to put it to much use and want to get the cheapest possible. The most popular brands of flat irons among others are HSI, Chi and GHD, being rated by many hair experts and reviewers online. The price of flat irons are a ridiculous range between $10 and $300, but I strongly advise you to get something above $75 for best value and quality.

What Else Do I Need to Know About Flat Iron?

Flat irons use a lot of heat to make our hair straight, so naturally when we often straighten our hair with a flat iron, our hair will suffer heat damage. Cheap irons will also contribute to the damage because cheap irons have a bad quality coating which might not even be ceramic, that chips off very quickly.

When that ceramic coating wears off, the face of the plates will become uneven and cause more damage to hair. That is why I always tell my friends not to save that $50. Getting the best hair straightener or flat iron with quality will definitely avoid even more expensive trips to the salons for hair-rescue missions.

There are ways to keep hair damage to the minimum when using a flat iron. Caring for your flat iron is also important. I have some tips here:

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