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Hi, I’m Sarah and welcome to my Best Flat Iron page and Flat Iron Reviews blog. I often get complimented on my straight and soft hair, but those who know me know that I was not born with it. My natural hair is curly and unruly, and living in a highly humid area gives it extra frizz, making me look like a lion who’s had a bird’s nest fell on it’s head. Here I am going to reveal my secret – a flat iron!

A flat iron or a hair straightener is a must-have styling tool for me if I want to get out of the house. Not only does it give me confidence and praises, I swear the same people even treat me differently when my hair is neat! For those who would like to have sleek, shiny and silky straight hair for a change, this is where you will find the right flat iron for your hair.

flat iron reviews - best flat iron

How to Choose the Best Flat Iron

The modern flat irons are made with plastic and two strips of heating plates. These plates are either solid ceramic or coated with ceramic or tourmaline, depending on its price range, to spread heat on the hair and make it straight.

There are so many brands of flat irons out there, you might ask: so how do I choose?

Firstly, don’t get confused by all the technical terms like ceramic and tourmaline plates, or how many negative ions it will release, etc. To make things quick and simple, here’s what you have to know when buying a hair straightener or flat iron:

  1. Power and heat
    Your flat iron should have enough power and heat or adjustable heat settings so that you get good results. Different types of hair will require a different temperature to make it straight and avoid burning.
  2. Ceramic or tourmaline
    Ceramic plates can spread the heat more evenly and avoid heat spots that damage your hair. If your hair is really curly or stubborn, get ceramic plates infused with tourmaline for soft and silky hair. Solid ceramic plates last longer than coated ones, as coated ceramic will chip or scratch over time and cause uneven heat to your hair. However solid plates will cost more.
  3. Plate size
    This depends on the length of your hair. To make the process easier and faster, get narrower plates for short hair and wider plates for long hair. I find 1-inch plates to be good for most hair lengths unless your hair is really long.
  4. Weight
    Don’t break your arm straightening hair. A lightweight hair straightener is your best friend, especially if your hair is thick, long or both. Remember, you’ll be working on your hair bit by bit.
  5. Price
    I know, the price is a ridiculous range from $10 to $300. I advise you to get something from $75 above for a decent quality flat iron.
  6. Brand
    Professional flat irons win hands down over drugstore brands, of course, unless you don’t plan to put it to much use and want to get the cheapest possible. The most popular brands of flat irons among others are HSI, Chi and GHD, being rated by many hair experts and reviewers online.

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What Else Do I Need to Know About Flat Iron?

Flat irons use a lot of heat to make our hair straight, so naturally when we often straighten our hair with a flat iron, our hair will suffer heat damage. Cheap irons will also contribute to the damage because cheap irons have a bad quality coating which might not even be ceramic, that chips off very quickly.

When that ceramic coating wears off, the face of the plates will become uneven and cause more damage to hair. That is why I always tell my friends not to save that $50. Getting the best hair straightener or flat iron with quality will definitely avoid even more expensive trips to the salons for hair-rescue missions.

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